Due to the restrictions placed on all of us in order to combat the COVID-19 virus Three Amigos Offroad will not be scheduling any classes until further notice. Our thoughts are with all of you, our customers and friends to stay safe and stay healthy.  We will see you all again when the world returns to normal... Whatever that may look like. 
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Dan Griffin
Mike Block
Will Gillette

I have been blessed to gain knowledge and skills over the past 28 years serving as a First Responder. As a certified instructor my goal is to impart this knowledge and skills to the off-road driving community.

Using my 30 plus years of experience in aviation maintenance and safety I wish to impart the knowledge of safe driving technique, proper recovery rigging, tread lightly principles and a general appreciation of the beautiful areas we can access with our vehicles!

My Goal is to present quality training to those who want to enjoy the beauty the backcountry provides.  I want you to know how to get out there, and how to get home again safely. Leave No Trace!

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