Dan Griffin

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As a certified off-road driving trainer and enthusiast Dan has traveled and taught internationally. He brings with him an expansive knowledge of vehicle rescue and recovery. Dan has served 29 years in Emergency Services as a Firefighter & Paramedic.

Dan is the proud father of 5 who currently resides in Clark County Washington just over the border from Portland Oregon where he and his family run 7G Farm. Dan grew up in a rural Oregon community and has been driving off road since his teen years. In the summer while going to college Dan served with the Oregon Department of Forestry where he received his first certified training in off road driving.

Dan attended Clackamas Community College where he studied to and became a Paramedic as well Dan attended Portland Community College where he Studied Fire and Emergency Services. Dan Currently works as a Firefighter/Paramedic in the Portland metro area where he has served the community for the past 23 years. As an off-road educator Dan brings with him a vast knowledge of rescue and recovery knowledge, skills, and techniques. His goal is to take what he has seen, learned, and done over the past 29 years to further educate people in safe off-road driving and recovery.



·         I4WDTA Certified trainer

·         Tread Lightly Trainer

·         NAUI Dive Master

·         Paramedic