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Day 4: White Rim Trail

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Just as the morning sky began to lighten again we rolled out of our bags and struck camp after a nice breakfast. On the road by 8:30 we anticipated a long day to make it to our next campsite and indeed pushed through the day arriving at Taylor Canyon at about 5:30 that afternoon. It is hard to describe the trail, there were fast sandy runs and slow boulder strewn section plus many sections of slick rock. There are 3 especially long steep climbs. The first was called Murphy Hogback and was quite a surprise. At the top of the climb was a campsite on the ridge where we had a quick lunch and encountered the only other person we met on the trail. A doctor on a motorbike who stopped and chatted for a few moments and we learned that his brother was running SAG for him somewhere behind us. Other than these two and a couple of vehicles we encounter in the first few miles at either end it seemed as if we had the whole park to ourselves.

The views along the White Rim were beautiful and often breathtaking. It was often difficult to keep my eyes on the trail there was so much incredible landscape to take in. The scale of the place is what was the most difficult to accept and the most difficult to describe. The photos that we took can never do it justice.

Climbing up Murphy Hogback

Coming down off Murphy Hogback

All too soon we were working our way down Taylor Canyon, a spur off the main trail, to our campsite at the very end. The campsite was much smaller than the previous night, but we were finally able to squeeze in and once camp was setup enjoy the sunset over the mouth of the canyon.

Moses and Zeus at the end of Taylor Canyon

Taylor Canyon Campsite

Sunset looking back down Taylor Canyon

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