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On The Trail: Day 2

Well short of our mileage goal for the first day we woke up early had a quick breakfast and pushed back out on the trail early. The route continued over mostly gravel roads, climbing up to 10,000 feet over Mt Linnaeus and then down into Monticello for fuel and lunch.

From Monticello we climbed back up the hill and over to Newspaper Rock, a section of cliff face covered with native petroglyphs. We continued along the route until we reached Lockhart basin road. Near the entrance we encountered a very interesting rock formation squatting in the open desert. Around this formation the Hamburger Rock campground had been established with 10-15 camping sites each nestled into the rocks a very interesting and beautiful spot.

Three Amigos at Newspaper Rock

The Lockhart basin is about 65 miles of mixed gravel/sand roads and sections of boulders and slick rock. We had not intended to run the entire basin, but once started there were no good camping sites so we continued late into the day. As we reached the end of the basin and saw on our maps the possibility of camping along the Colorado River we encountered a narrow canyon that dropped down off the plateau. It was narrow with several large slick-rock ledges. Having learned our lesson from the day before we stopped and walked the entire section identifying the most likely lines, approach angles and exits. We then descended down one at a time with the help of a spotter. An hour later we emerged to find a nice open camping spot overlooking the Colorado river just across from the Canyonlands National park on the other side.

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